Monday, March 04, 2013

It is already March. That means some warmer days ahead.  The snow is mostly melted although we may have a few more storms before Spring really hits.

We said a sad and tearful goodbye to Eric and Cara.  It was a joy to have them here for a while and I will miss them. They are off to continue medical school and move forward with their lives.  I am happy for them but I will be lonely for our lunches, our TV addictions, and our 5 Crown tournaments. Of course, it is a short plane ride to Arizona so I expect to be visiting them soon.
We had a fun going away party with Jordan and Heather and boys, the Hope family, and Williams families.

We drove to Salt Lake on Sunday, the 24th for a Fireside about our upcoming Israel trip We are getting so excited!  It is less than two weeks away now.

January/February 2013

The big news in January was that we were released from the Young Single Adult Branch.  Stan had been a counsellor for three years and then Branch President for almost four. President Tateoka came to our home to release us before we went to Florida and then when we returned we were released in Sacrament Meeting on January 20th.  It is certainly bitter sweet.  We have been there a long time, but it has been such a wonderful calling. It would be fine with us if we could just stay there but of course we know that callings come and go.  I will miss the vitality, the energy and the fun of the young adults.  I will also miss their spirituality, their devotion, and their desire to serve the Lord.  I will miss the miracles of reactivation and rededication of so many. They have become part of us and we will love them and the time we spent with them forever.

The new presidency is Ron Buhler, Jerry Callen, and Kent Lee.  They will do a wonderful job.
We will now be in Jerome 6th Ward. This is a new ward for us since they changed the boundaries while we were serving in the Branch.  Change is good....change is good....change is good....keep saying it.

We drove to Salt Lake to attend our darling neice's pre-mission talk in her ward.  She is going to Hong Kong and leaves January 30th.  She is a great girl and will serve with all her heart.

Our dear friend and neighbor, Deloris Everson, passed away January 27th.  She and Rich have been great examples to us since we moved to Jerome.  Stan was asked to speak at her funeral on February 1st.  He did a very nice job.
Anna flew up here to attend the funeral.  She brought Elodie but left the boys at home. It was great to have her here.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

January has already been a whirlwind of activity.  Since Cara was running the Disney Marathon, we decided to join them in Orlando for a few days and see her run.  I booked the tickets and got a great deal using my companion flight reward. Then just the week before Anna informed us that Tamio's mother, Aichu had passed away.  We were sad to hear this but we know she is happy and free from pain.  So we changed plans and flew to Southern California so we could attend the service.

We got to see our beautiful grandchildren!
Elodie was such a good baby.  Enzo and Kobe are always so much fun!

 The funeral was very lovely and Tamio did a wonderful job of speaking and teaching the gospel of hope and resurrection.  It was good to spend some time with our family as well as with Tamio's family. We know Aichu will be missed.  Tamio took such good care of his Mom.

We went to dinner with all the family and then got on an overnight flight from LAX to Orlando.  Somehow all my flight changes worked out just fine even though it was stressful for a while.

We arrived in Orlando at 6:40 AM, picked up our rental car and drove to our hotel. When I booked the room I got a pretty good deal and then found out that it was the pirate room.  Ha! I am sure they wondered why two middle aged people were staying in the pirate room.  It was actually a little bit scary.
This was on the curtain!

We sort of got lost due to some bad directions on our GPS but eventually made it to Epcot where the race would end.  It was fun to see all the runners come in. Some were dressed as Disney characters so it was crazy.  The atmosphere was really great.  We were excited to see OUR runners cross the finish line.  Cara and Christy: super women.

                                                   Congratulations Ladies!!!!

After some rest we all gathered for dinner at T-Rex.  My grandchildren would have loved all the dinosaurs who came to life intermittently.

The next three days were spent in the Parks!

                                                                Epcot Center

"If you work hard enough you can work your way up to be Mickey!!

Then the happiest place on earth:  THE MAGIC KINGDOM

                                                                                                  We met the Princesses.

And the last day we went to Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure!

My favorite! Harry Potter World!
I went on the ride which was wild.  It was sort of out of my comfort zone and I almost talked myself out of it but it was fun!  I also loved Dr. Suess town.
The water ride in Jurrasic Park was wild too.  We were all soaked and got a pretty funny picture of us coming down the falls.

We had such a fun time.  It was great to be here and hopefully we can return again with our grandchildren!

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Happy New Year

When I opened my Christmas present I found tickets! It was a complete surprise to me that we were leaving on Friday and flying to Las Vegas to see THE EAGLES in concert!  

But wait! There is more!
So off we flew on Friday morning.  It was kind of weird  because I didn't really have time to mentally absorb that we were leaving town.  And Beth and Eric and Cara were here so I felt a little bad for leaving them.  But they all knew about it before and were perfectly fine with it.

 David Copperfield was magical....
                                                                   I think KA was my favorite.
 Not really New York, but fun.
Yes, we ate way too much.  The desserts were amazing. My favorite: a warm crepe with berry toppings and whipped cream.  I was so full from dinner I didn't think I could eat another bite. Then I ate the whole thing.

It was a fun, fast, trip. It was crowded there and I was glad we were not staying until New Year's Ever. It would have been even crazier.  But the shows and the food were fabulous! Thanks, Stan for a great Christmas gift! 

Friday, June 03, 2011

It is June June june

What a gorgeous day. I have been outside enjoying it all day. Now I am tired and resting inside for a while although I wish I had the stamina to just keep going. My yard is starting to look how I want it. I usually choose a color scheme for my flowers and this year I choose reds and purples and oranges. They are bold colors and I decided I needed that this year. They have survived the cold windy days and hopefully will grow now that it is warming up. I think I have a flower addiction. I want to buy more and more. Then it turns into work and I wonder what I was thinking. I actually left some pots empty this year. We will see if it lasts.
I am reading "Atlas Shrugged". It is one of those books that when people ask me if I have read it I usually say yes thinking I have. But I wasn't really sure and I didn't really remember anything about it. Now that I am reading it I am positive I have not read it. But it is one of those books I think I should read so I am. All 1168 pages of it. It is slow going since I have been reading things like "City of Bones" and other fun stuff. But I will plow through it because I think I should! I want to pick up Lisa Bloom's book "Think" and read it too.
My motto in life "so many books, so little time"

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

May: Where is Spring?

It is so cold and windy here today and it has caused me to be lethargic all day. My motivation involves outside things right now so when I can't be outside I feel frustrated and can't think of things to do inside.  You would think with all the activities we have that I would relish a day with nothing to do, but instead I feel bored and restless. I think I need to find something fun to do that is just for me-- a crafty class or something. It has to be something for which I don't have to have take too much responsibility because that just stresses me out.  But something fun would be nice.  Just what is it?

We had such a wonderful time in Iowa and Nauvoo for the wedding festivities.  So happy for Eric and Cara and their new life together. The sealing was so wonderful, very moving and a memorable spiritual event. We love the Pence family and had a great time with them. Wish we lived closer to them, I know we would be good friends.
We have a BBQ planned here for Memorial Day for the Singles Branch. I hope the weather warms up a little by Monday. We are planning for about 100. Should be fun. Hopefully I will be able to get something done tomorrow! If the wind would stop blowing!!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Birthday to Cooper!

We celebrated Cooper's 13th birthday a little early. His birthday is Feb 16th. It was a fun afternoon and he is a fine young man.  I told him I hope his brain doesn't short circuit now that he is a teenager because he has been such a good kid.  He assured me he hopes the same thing.

Jordan and Heather
Kent and Kathy Bartholomew
Anna Gershner

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Keeping up with my blog is hard for me for some reason. I used to write in my journal once a week and usually I just wrote about what was happening in my life. It wasn't profound writing, but I could look at past journals and keep track of my life. I am not very good at remembering things any more and I like it better if I write it down. I have been negligent with my journals this last year so I probably won't remember anything that happened in 2010.
So I will recap a few things.
Stan is still branch President of the Jerome 9th Single Adult Branch. He has a new counselor, Ron Buhler. Lynden Mower is the other counselor. We enjoy our calling and are so so busy with the activities and lives of the young adults in our branch.
Eric got engaged to Cara Pence and they are getting married on May 3, 2011. She is the perfect girl for him and we love her so much. We hosted an engagement party for them on December 11th. Cara went to the Twin Falls Temple Dec 10th to receive her endowments. Her family came from Iowa and we had such a wonderful time with them at both events. We are so excited for the wedding events. Eric left for St. Eustatius Medical School in January and he is doing well there.
Our grandson, Gavin McKay, was born on December 3rd to Jordan and Heather. He is a beautiful boy with wide eyes. He was small, just 6 lbs 4 oz, but he is growing and doing well. Carson is a chattering happy boy and seems to be adjusting to his little brother.
Bethany is working hard at BYU. She moved into a new apartment this semester and likes it a lot. Her schedule is difficult but she is managing.
Anna and Tamio are busy with two adorable boys and their work and church. I wish I were closer to them but we manage to see them often. Everyone was here for the engagement party and that was a very special time.

It is now January. We said goodbye to Eric then made a stop in Logan to see Grandma Kolster, who was in the hospital. She is doing better and is now back home. Beth started school again. We had a Chinese dinner with the branch and a Chinese New year celebration at Family Home Evening. I was in charge of  the games and we had a fun time. We have several young people that the missionaries are teaching and a baptism scheduled this week. The Branch is always growing and changing.
We saw the BYU Young Ambassadors in concert this week and enjoyed that.
It was my Dad's birthday on the 13th. I still have a hard time around this time of year. He passed away on Christmas Eve three years ago. We all still miss them so much.
Ok. I have entered a few things that will help me when someone asks me questions like what day was the engagement party or what year was Gavin born.  I am doing better.